Just south of the Tampa Bay area, the Southwest Region is most known for its white, sandy beaches and verdant tropical landscapes.


Comprised mostly of beaches and wetlands, the Southwest Region attracts vacationers year round who are looking for both rest and relaxation, and an opportunity to walk on the wild side. Located just north of the Everglades, this region also provides visitors an opportunity to discover one of the most well known natural landscapes in the country. Lake Okeechobee and the Naples Botanical Gardens are just a few of the region’s major ecotourism attractions.


Cites like Bradenton, Fort Myers and Sarasota help contribute to the region’s urban feel, but it’s balanced by much of the natural areas that are found throughout. Ecotourists can experience a diverse collection of attractions and points of interest the Southwest has to offer.


Further south, this region’s average temperatures during the summer months are a little higher than the rest of the state, hovering around 78°F, while winter temps are milder. The humidity can take a little getting used to if you’re not experienced with sub-tropical climates, but Gulf Coast winds help to cool things down when it starts getting too hot.



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