Northeast Florida

Known to some as the “First Coast," the Northeast is considered the crown of the state.


Home to the largest Florida city in square miles, Jacksonville, the Northeast Region is primarily coastal, with several large rivers and lakes found throughout. Fernandina Beach, Flagler Beach and the Palm Coast are hugely popular vacation destinations that draw hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. There is also a collection of natural springs with public access that ecotourists frequent each season.


Beach bums and history buffs will truly enjoy this region. St. Augustine, the oldest continually inhabited city in the U.S., is found here, as well as some of the most beautiful, picturesque beaches in the state. There’s access to big-city attractions and quiet, scenic options that can satisfy every type of adventurer.


Due to its proximity to the coast, the climate is mostly sub-tropical. This means summers are hot and humid, but tempered with breezes off the Atlantic, while winters are mild and dry. Flash thunderstorms are common occurrences during much of the summer, yet the region experiences an average of 288 days of sunshine each year.



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