Central Florida

Central Florida has an irresistible mix of ecotourism adventures that attract millions of visitors each year.


The Central Florida Region’s geography is primarily flat, with the exception of a few higher points in Lake, Hernando, Pasco and Polk counties. In addition to the Gulf and Atlantic Coast beach areas, Central Florida also boasts several major rivers and lakes that are the perfect setting for outdoor adventures and explorations for aquatic lovers.


Central Florida has a blend of cultural characteristics from both North and South Florida. Ethnically and socially diverse, the area possesses a wide array of cuisine, music and cultural event options that’s hard to find anywhere in, or out, of the Sunshine State.


On average, the winter months are temperate and dry, with temperatures between 68°F and 72°F. Summers can get hot, with an average temperature of 92°F. Central Florida is well known for afternoon flash thunderstorms during the height of the summer, so it’s good to have an umbrella nearby between June and October for the quick showers, which many appreciate as they tend to help cool off the late afternoons.



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