What to Look for in Energy-Efficient, Green Lodging How to Choose Eco-Friendly, Green Lodging for Your Next Trip

Planning your next vacation? Getting ready to set out on a new adventure is one of the most exciting feelings, but even in all that excitement, it’s important to remember that you can make a positive impact on our planet just by choosing an environmentally conscious hotel or resort for your stay. Here are a few key factors to be on the lookout for as you search for green lodging options for your next trip.

Energy Efficient Products and Focus on Renewable Energy

The subject of energy consumption is perhaps the most important consideration when choosing eco-friendly accommodations. In recent years, many properties have made the switch to more energy efficient products and appliances to help cut back on energy use, while others have also tapped into renewable energy sources to power their properties. From solar panels being used to heat swimming pools, to timer-operated lighting, and even rooms that shut power off when guests exit the space, look for a property with a strong commitment to lowering their energy use.

Organic, Non-Toxic Cleaning Agents

From the personal care products found in your room to the cleaning agents used by hotel staff, look for properties that pay attention to the details. Using organic, non-toxic and chemical free cleaners, shampoos, soaps and more is not only more environmentally friendly, but it is also safer for guests like you, as well as staff. Many green lodging properties have also switched from using travel-sized products in rooms to installing refillable dispensers to help eliminate unnecessary waste.

Sustainable, Safe Materials

Whenever possible, choose a hotel utilizing sustainable design and build practices, as well as eco-friendly building materials like reclaimed wood or bamboo. Even older properties can still be considered green by making an effort to positively impact the environment while protecting their guests from dangerous emissions. Small changes like switching out towels and bed linens to products made with natural, recycled or organic materials can be a step in the right direction and one more thing to check off your list as you search for where to stay on your next vacation.

Recycling Program and Waste Reducing Initiatives

Positive Local Impact

A hotel’s environmental impact can stretch far beyond the materials it sources or products stocking its rooms. Just like any business, hotels and resorts can make a positive impact on their surroundings by sourcing their food from local farms and ranches, employing residents of nearby areas, and giving back to their communities whenever possible. Look for properties that partner with non-profit organizations to make the world a better place, including causes like Clean the World, which recycles donated hotel soaps and redistributes “Hygiene Kits” to those in need.

Whether you’re planning a fun getaway to Florida’s famous beaches or going off the beaten path on an eco-adventure, finding the right place to call your temporary home can help make for the perfect experience. If you found these tips helpful, be sure to share them with friends, family and your fellow Florida travel enthusiasts!